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The Worship Service

The schedule for Bethel services has been altered during the period of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. All services at the church were discontinued, following UMC guidance, after March 22, 2020. A format was established for providing an online worship service of recorded and text messages each week. On May 3,2020 Bethel began "open-air" live services at the church following guidelines for "social distancing" and on May 31,2020, Pentecost Sunday, began a live 11:00 AM Sunday worship service inside the church under Bethel's COVID-19 Policy, developed from the CDC guidelines for church gatherings. An online service continues using the same format as the live service.
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Season of Epiphany
1st After Epiphany/Sign of Noah . 2nd/Disciples-Follow Me . 3rd/Fishers of Men
Bethel Missionary Service
4th/Unclean . 5th/Miracles/Prayer . 6th/Valentine/Transfig/AshWed .
Season of Lent
1st Sunday of Lent/Temptation . 2nd/Fortress of Hope . 3rd/Soul Soup . 4th/Law of the Serpent . 5th/Holy Hydration . 6th/Eye of the Storm
Season of Easter
Easter Sunday . 2nd/I Doubt It . 3rd/Written in Stone . 4th/Tales of the World . 5th/The Vine . 6th/Chosen and Appointed/Mother's Day . 7th/The Power to Witness
Pentecost/Walking with God .
Season after Pentecost - Ordinary Time
1st/Heritage Sunday . 2nd/Baptism/D-Day . 3rd/The Organic Gospel . 4th/The Forgiving Father/Father's Day . 5th/Faith Power . 6th/July 4th/When We Are Weak . 7th/The Oath . 8th/The Magic Cloak . 9th/The Old Gospel Ship . 10th/Feasting on Love . 11th/Seeing with Eyes Closed . 12th/Abiding By the Word . 13th/Sword of the Spirit . 14th/The Heart's Deceit . 15th/Uncontainable Faith/Labor Day . 16th/God Think! . 17th/Hope Rises . 18th/Briny Faith . 19th/Empowering the Powerless . 20th/Homecoming/Exposed and Expunged . 21st/Impetuous Faith . 22nd/Laity/Cry Out for Jesus . 23rd/To Love . 24th/Sustaining Faith . 25th/Shake it Up . 26th/King of Nobody's Castle
Season of Advent
1st/(Chrismon Service) The Readiness Potential . 2nd/Touchdown in the Wild . 3rd/The Art of Fruit . 4th/Shared Promises
Christmas Eve
Season of Christmas
Christmas Sunday

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