First Sunday after Epiphany
January 10, 2021

Pastor: Ralph Wrightstone Bulletin . Insert . Photos Music Director: Travis Oaks

With Epiphany now in the past: the Three Kings are returning to their countries "by another way", the gifts and decorations of Christmas are stored away, and the Christmas Season has come to an end...where does that leave us now? There are still some "birth stories" remaining. Mary is still to present herself and her baby in the temple 40 days after his birth but that's still a month away (on February 2)...and following that comes Herod's decreed "massacre of the infants" and Jesus' family's flight to Egypt and subsequent return to Nazareth. But the next major "cycle of seasons" in the Liturgical Year, the Lent/Easter/Pentecost cycle, doesn't begin until Ash Wednesday. For some, the period between Epiphany and the presentation in the Temple (also called Candlemas) is the Season of Epiphany or the "Christmas-Epiphany Season". For others the time between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday is just another "Ordinary Time" when the weeks are counted off by the Ordinal Numbers...First, Second, Third, etc. Using "Ordinary Time" for this "Season after Epiphany", today is the "First Sunday after Epiphany".

Topics for Ordinary Time can be varied but traditionally begin with the Baptism of Jesus, early in Jesus' ministry when God openly affirms the path Jesus is undertaking. Of course, the story is just the takes Scripture, the Pastor, the Spirit and open hearts to produce a Message.

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