11th Sunday After Pentecost
August 8, 2021

Pastor: Ralph Wrightstone Bulletin . Insert . Photos Music Director: Travis Oaks

We are continuing in that long period of time "between holidays"...the bane of the typical school year for children (and youth?). However, if you have stepped outside recently, you will recognize that we have entered a notable "season"...the "Dog Days of Summer"...those "hot, sultry days of Summer", beginning with the "heliacal rising" of the "Dog Star" (Syrius) and extending until...it's over...which does give us something to look forward to.
Recent developments in the understanding and spread of the COVID-19 virus has prompted this statement from our UMC Florida Conference: "We urge the use of masks in indoor settings, as an expression of our love for our neighbor and as the fulfillment of the law of Christ (Galatians 5:14)."...Consequently Bethel will be requesting that all those attending services in the church, even those who are fully vaccinated, with the other exceptions in the policy insert above, wear masks. We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation during these times.
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We are also having a service at 11:00 this morning in Bethel's sanctuary. An insert to the bulletin, provided by a link above, presents Bethel UMC's policy regarding these gatherings during the time of COVID-19 restrictions.
For those unable to attend the services at the church, a new service will be available here online before 10:00 am each Sunday morning, using the same format as the on-site service. So you may "gather" here for an "Early Service" at 10:00 or the traditional service at 11:00...actually it will be available here at any time all week. We hope that you will find it a refreshing place to come into God's house.

NOTE: Each part of this online service consists of an audio file and, for most, a Link to a pdf file of "projection slides". Click on the symbol to play the audio file under a separate browser tab or in a new window. Then select the "Bethel 08/08/21 Service" browser tab or return to this window to open the Link to the "slides". It is best to stop the playing of one Audio segment and close its tab or window before starting another.

  • . Verse - Prelude/Processional - "Sing Alleluia to the Lord"
    During normal times...acolytes would bring light to the candles on the altar, followed by the pastor and other worship leaders...today, it simply provides an opening for this time of Worship.

  • . Slides - Welcome and Announcements . (05:18)

  • Opening Hymn
    . Verses - "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" . (UMH 474)
    Other Hymns
    Here is a hymn suggested by today's reading from Psalm 130:
    . Verses - "Out of the Depths". (TFWS 2136)
    (Let us know if you have a favorite hymn that you would like to have included in an online service.)

  • . Slides - Call to Worship, Apostle's Creed and Gloria Patria . (03:33)
    We hope that you will participate privately or communally in this responsive reading and affirmation as part of your worship service.

  • . OT Scripture Reading: " Psalm 130" . (03:12)
    ......consider following along with a favored translation of your own.

  • . Slides - Pastor's Thoughts, Prayers and Lord's Prayer . (11:56)
    The slides here include a list of those for whom prayers have been requested.
    Please continue to include this prayer for the youth among your prayers for Bethel at this time.

  • . "Youth" Message: "Seeing With Eyes Closed" . (14:14)
    Though addressed to the "Youth", whom we truly miss seeing on Sundays, this message is for all of us. You may wish to follow the reading of John 6:35,41-51 in your own Bible. (The "Church" message on this day, with the same topic, will be on the "Sermons" page of Bethel's web site later this week.)

  • Closing Hymn:
    . Verses - "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" . (UMH 672,vs 1)

  • Closing Chorus & Benediction:
    . Verse - "Bind Us Together"

Thank you for coming. Our prayer will be that we will soon all gather again for worship in Bethel's Sanctuary, but until then we'll be here for you on Sunday morning.

Please let us know of any problems you have with or suggestions about this site by sending an email to "bumctlh@gmail.com". If you have any announcements or prayer concerns you would like included next week you may contact Pastor Ralph Wrightstone directly at: 850-591-9785