Trinity Sunday
Heritage Sunday, Memorial Day
May 30, 2021

Pastor: Ralph Wrightstone Bulletin . Insert . Photos Music Director: Travis Oaks

Today is a Sunday that has several observances for our attention. The clickable graphics at the top of the page provide information about each: Trinity Sunday, Heritage Sunday and Memorial Day. The "Church Service" today is a delayed (the UMC calendar had it last Sunday to coincide with Aldersgate Sunday), but "traditional" Bethel Heritage Sunday service "down by the pond". A covered dish dinner will follow the worship service there, though designated "servers" will be used to assist in filling your plate. Under the relaxed CDC guidelines for social gatherings, masks will not be needed for this outdoor gathering for those who are fully vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated are requested to practice "social distancing".

If you've come to this online service early, you may still have time to make it to the service at the pond, otherwise we hope you will settle back and participate in this program prepared for you.
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NOTE: Each part of this online service consists of an audio file and, for most, a Link to a pdf file of "projection slides". Click on the symbol to play the audio file under a separate browser tab or in a new window. Then select the "Bethel 05/30/21 Service" browser tab or return to this window to open the Link to the "slides". It is best to stop the playing of one Audio segment and close its tab or window before starting another.

  • . Slides - Welcome and Announcements . (05:56)
    Click to view a slideshow of photos taken at the May 19, 2019 Heritage Sunday service pictured at the top of this page.

  • Opening Hymn
    This is a favorite for opening Bethel's Heritage Sunday services:
    . Verses - "Church in the Wildwood" . (CH 121)
    Other Hymns
    There are many hymns related to the several themes for today's service. The pages shown by clicking on the graphics at the top of this page each list several. We hope you will take the time to choose one or several to personalize this service for you. Take your time...we'll wait for you.
    (Let us know if you have a favorite hymn that you would like to have included in an online service.)

  • . Slides - Call to Worship, Apostle's Creed and Gloria Patria

  • Special Sing-a-Long
    This song, with the line "The Godhead, Three in one, Father, Spirit, Son..." seems appropriate for this Trinity Sunday
    . Verses - "How Great is Our God", sung by Travis and the Youth

  • . Slides - Pastor's Thoughts, Prayers and Lord's Prayer . (12:10)
    Please continue to include this prayer for the youth among your prayers for Bethel at this time.

  • . "Youth" Message: "What Are We About?" . (18:31)
    Though labeled a "Youth" message, this week the message here has the same content as the message at the pond, but it is still a "message for all" as the previous "Youth" messages have been. You may wish to follow the reading of Acts 13:44-52 in your own Bible.

  • Closing Hymn:
    . Verses - "How Great Thou Art" . (UMH 77)

  • Closing Chorus & Benediction:
    . Verse - "Bind Us Together"

Thank you for coming. Our prayer will be that we will soon all gather again for worship in Bethel's Sanctuary, but until then we'll be here for you on Sunday morning.

Please let us know of any problems you have with or suggestions about this site by sending an email to "". If you have any announcements or prayer concerns you would like included next week you may contact Pastor Ralph Wrightstone directly at: 850-591-9785