Celebrant Singers on March 23, 2001

4th Sunday of Easter
May 3, 2020

Pastor: Ralph Wrightstone BULLETIN Music Director: Travis Oaks

As we are entering a time when weather is nice enough to consider an outdoor service during this period of continued "social distancing", I looked in our "archives" for instances of outdoor services. I do recall some "stories" of classes being held among the headstones in the days before AC, and of course Bethel marks its beginning from outdoor gatherings at Bethel Pond and we have had Easter Sunrise and Heritage Sundays down by the pond in recent years. But I've only found one instance in the past 50 years of a "message" being delivered in word and song outside on the church property (apart from graveside services) and that was almost 20 years ago when the "Celebrant Singers", a traveling group of young Christian performers, gave an outdoor concert and testimony in front of the church. (Don't miss the "Easter Egg" behind the picture above).

A new service will be available here before 10:00 am each Sunday so you may "gather" for an Early Service at 10:00 or the traditional service at 11:00 ...actually it will be available here at any time all week. We hope that you will find it a refreshing place to come into God's house.
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