Musical Instruments

This site contains materials regarding Instruments in my "Music Room", including articles about the instruments as well as instructions for "How to Play" many of them. This is provided to help in becoming familiar with the WHAT, WHY and HOW of a variety of instruments and to encourage development of basic skills for playing each.
Some Music Theory
Some Physics of Musical Instruments
Some Basics in Music Acoustics
School Band Information
Musical Instruments
Musical Scales

Click on an instrument name to open either an article describing the instrument or a "menu" of items relating to the instrument. The menu items may be: articles (in pdf format); links to WIKIPEDIA articles; links to "WIKIHOW" for instructions on playing or caring for the instrument; or links to other web sites with related information. (The menu may include a small picture of that instrument in our collection. Clicking on the small picture will open a larger version of the picture.)

If an article comes from Wikipedia then there will be a "WIKIPEDIA" next to the title in the menu. Clicking on that word will open the actual article in wikipedia, allowing you to follow internal links to additional information and avoiding having to download the PDF file.